OMG Spaghetti…. en mu

I use to think that the toddler years where the worse part of your children growing up… Well i survived it and i must say i would love to go back to that time again… please don’t pass that around we wouldn’t want other mothers to say it out loud….

I am living alone right now, ok i lie because i have two cats and two dogs. I am the soon to be cat lady. Unless i find a gentleman from online dating. I am dealing with two clever kats…

I wake up morning to finding a new calamity which is amazing . I came down before my first coffee to find spagehtti noodles all over the floor. Have you every played a game called pick up sticks… Well then multiply that by 100 or so. I NEED COFFEE FIRST IN THE MORNING , BUT I THINK MY CATS ARE ON A MISSION , TO STOP ME FROM MY ONLY VICE, WHICH IS TWO CUPS OF COFFEE IN THE MORNING.

To quote my 3 yr old girl/friends neice “PEACE OUT HOMES”


About lindaford1962

I am a divorced mother of two grown boys. Ages 22 and 18. One finished grade 12, headed to universitiy, the other is his last in college to become a Paramedic... Me i just made a leap to age 50 , some days i feel it , most days i am a 30 yr old.... lol
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