Bell Canada Loves Me

I know why , because i hear more from them then my kids….

I sound like a broken record. I live 40 minutes from my ex husband , and that is where the kids go to school… oops well my youngest son who will be 18 soon is in his last year of high school , grade 12. He intends to go to Carleton Universtiy.. to become and English teacher… I have read many of his poems he has written… I think that his poems and letters he writes, help him get through each day….

I just have to say and i won’t say anything more about her , my ex’s girlfriend… She is always angry , upset , etc… So he is usually the target of what ever she is bitching about and he is always the brunt of it all…..

My oldest son who will be 22 soon is a different personality, he is straight and to the point. So if she get up in his face well that is it he just gives her what she gives him….

So having said that , i have not spoke to either one for about a week and a half…



About lindaford1962

I am a divorced mother of two grown boys. Ages 22 and 18. One finished grade 12, headed to universitiy, the other is his last in college to become a Paramedic... Me i just made a leap to age 50 , some days i feel it , most days i am a 30 yr old.... lol
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