My journal – May 30 2000

I have my good days and my bad days.  What will become of Joe and Jack. 

It’s just how i feel right now.  That Jims’s guilt is eating away at him, so therefore he has to prove he is a full time dad.   I can’t see the kids adjusting one week there and one week here.   It will screw up little jack and joey too.. 

It must be great to get out of a marriage have a ready made partner and just resume your parenting..

Yet I am left high and dry.  Wonder how much i will be aloud to see my boys …   And there i am sitting at the window waiting to see them come home…  The old maid no one wants .  Self pity visited by me for just a moment….


About lindaford1962

I am a divorced mother of two grown boys. Ages 22 and 18. One finished grade 12, headed to universitiy, the other is his last in college to become a Paramedic... Me i just made a leap to age 50 , some days i feel it , most days i am a 30 yr old.... lol
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