What the Heck.

I am sensoring my language….  For the children out there.  I know this will sound old but aren’t children knowing everything before us no a days… Yes did say that sentence.  I have to tell you i heard my older son tell me that he needed a tablet for his paramedic course …. Well everyone else has one that is in the class.  

I so wanted to say , if jimmy jumpef  the bridge would you….   But i controlled my inner self and said well i will have to see.. any way i have to tell you i found funding .  he got it for xmas.



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Friday ment my late night with take out and my Son Jack.  Flown away mom  That is how i feel…..  I feel as though i have left the nest , but i didn’t want to .    I still want to be chirping away in that comfy place but my kids are the ones that threw me out.  We are busy mom.  I am studying and if i am not studying i am sleeping or eating.   I just don’t have a minute in my day to phone you… I am slowly crawling into another tree and claiming another nest , no kids , just other mom’s who have come together to share ……   Share a comment come in to the nest for fun…..  


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It is Minus What…..

Holy God… I think it is about -35 with the wind chill . I come from Nfld orginally and it gets pretty windy… Here in OTTAWA i can’t say it is windy at all… What is wind chill . I don’t understand.

I also think to myself this is cold -35 real cold… What person or animal can live in this , my heart goes out to homeless people and animals. It is not proper to be in this weather and to be able to survive… We should all be able to get in out of the cold… Here is to wishing that any person outside right now can be offered a warm cuppa and bed for the night.


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Hello , Can you hear me now!!!

What can i say… if i can’t find my cell phone it is the keys to the house and car…. Well i official tore the house apart , and where the hell is the phone in my purse at the bottom…. now honestly i have looked there a least a dozen times… I really think that the person that takes the socks out of the washer , is the same person that hides my keys and my cell….

I don’t know how i managed it but i only placed one order on ELF and for those of you who don’t know what that is it is makeup company, only sold in Target which isn’t in Canada yet… But for now it is cheap and available on line… I went to my email and well it looks like i have 3 orders placed

I have to get up early and call them and tell them which ones to cancel. Cross your fingers that i cancelled in plenty of time….


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My Car , my life….

Ok so maybe those weeks without my car showed me a thing or three…. like not being able to walk from Ottawa to Manotick to see my head doctor. And at a time when i needed her most. Stress is what i have been through for the last two months.

Since August i have had the following problems my gas tank filled with sugar , Nov. 20 2012 my two tires were slashed, then 3 weeks later all four tires were slashed … My big question is Why… I know the who.

It just isn’t tv anymore crack heads live in the nice part of town… Take them for a ride once and then never again , well that is a no no…

Ok so what happened that was good , my health is good, i adopted a new dog 1 1/2 yrs old, i am studying jewelry design and repair… Sounds very boring but what can i say . But


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OMG Spaghetti…. en mu

I use to think that the toddler years where the worse part of your children growing up… Well i survived it and i must say i would love to go back to that time again… please don’t pass that around we wouldn’t want other mothers to say it out loud….

I am living alone right now, ok i lie because i have two cats and two dogs. I am the soon to be cat lady. Unless i find a gentleman from online dating. I am dealing with two clever kats…

I wake up morning to finding a new calamity which is amazing . I came down before my first coffee to find spagehtti noodles all over the floor. Have you every played a game called pick up sticks… Well then multiply that by 100 or so. I NEED COFFEE FIRST IN THE MORNING , BUT I THINK MY CATS ARE ON A MISSION , TO STOP ME FROM MY ONLY VICE, WHICH IS TWO CUPS OF COFFEE IN THE MORNING.

To quote my 3 yr old girl/friends neice “PEACE OUT HOMES”

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Does the phone work….

ok look out a little bit of sarcasism coming up..   Does the phone work from my ex’s house to mine…. wow don’t worry i don’t want him to call me……..  I just want to know if the boys can call on it…. I had to hand the boys over when i was being diagnosed bipolar…  they were 9 and 5 …..

I find it funny to hear my sons say they are busy, and can’t call.  ok i  can sort of understand…. No , who am i kidding , it takes 3 minutes to say hey , how are you….  Love you mom….

I am going to end this with a laugh , please tell me if you have a teenager and can they twitter , facebook, and text, at the speed of light………..   Because the old fashioned cordless phone is just for show……

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